“Wild Berries”

Everything has a beginning that leads to an end and when it comes to an end we must inevitably face a new beginning. It is an unstoppable cycle because one can not exist without the other. And this in a good or bad way pushes us to be renewed.
Heraclitus wrote in this regard “There is nothing immutable except for the need to change.”


I believe that artists all over the world belong to “one huge small world” speaking the universal “intercultural” language, and need to meet each other to refresh energies, find new collaborations, share creative ideas and have great moment!
Also for this I belive in the project “Atelier & Dreams”.

What does “Wild Berries” mean? – The idea is born as a challenge to the prejudices of a society in some ways still perched on absurd positions based on materialism, which at the same time seeks to belong to an ‘evolved’ civilization.
One of the principles is to be able to detoxify yourself from the commonplace and restore a healthy contact with nature where money is no longer affecting your life (it is only a paper that has demolished much more important moral values) But in the same time, we must always remember a ‘just balance’ and we can not say that money does not serve (it would be hypocritical).

Who is a “Wild Berries” – You are looking to regain your true cultural identity? Being wild, independent, strong, self-sufficient resist even in difficult conditions. Despite centuries of domestication and anthropization they have managed to maintain their wild identity as a necessity of freedom. Are you a wild forest fruit or a domestic plant that has now been harvested and unable to survive in the natural state?

Welcome pilgrim, whoever you are in this small “Inn of Bizarre Dreams” where in company of a good beer we freely share our stories, our desires looking at the horizon away from the noise of this society so sick of ignorance and indifference…

Emancipation – It means getting rid of domestication in the form of religions, television media messages, getting rid of the nightmare of prejudices and those absurd conventions that for too long have castrated and limited our freedom to express our true feelings and our individual thought. Get rid of hypocrisy and ghosts and fear of ‘sin’. Go back to being pure and “naked” without being ashamed to express our thoughts to follow our original natural instincts you do not have to get drunk or high to be free to be yourself.

The world is changing so fast and not always in the best way… Also for this reason, there are more and more confused, depressed people who feel alone in search of a way to escape. That wants to change his life..
This led me to want to create a kind of “safe haven” ready to face a different future, a little ‘post-apocalyptic’. I love to recycle a bit (I also feel so old inside that I think I have already been recycled at another time) of all especially old objects and  natural elements (wood, stones and much more natural things).

I take care of my little world with passion and love and at the same time unconsciously (or maybe not) I am looking for a ‘cultural heir’ to whom I convey my knowledge and experiences. My energies have diminished over time and I realize that maintenance of this magical place needs someone stronger than me able to love it and guard it as I did. Take on the responsibility to hand down this small oasis and its material that will be increasingly useful to future generations.
Sometime I looking for people with creativity and imagination can help me to transform an old wooden hut in a sort of “Art Gallery” in which display and sell curios, antiques and very original things hand made. Located in the rural countryside in the heart of the beautiful Tuscany; away from the noise of the famous most common tourist sites…
I know.. I know… it sounds a bit ‘strange’ but I’m sure the results are will be ingenious and brilliant.

If you want to know something more about me.

Everyone are so different from each other, this is the Magic Art of Mother Nature.

Below, a small photo gallery  – the pictures are just an example find on the net – showing how many wonderful things you can do to create a magical garden. Like a wonderful art gallery in the open sky …. You need to be endowed with passion, constancy, imagination and especially lot of love in what you do.
The result will always be wonderful….

It does not matter what color you are or how old you are. Being big is not a matter of age .. but of mentality ..
If you want to help me realize this project or want to be part of it contact me. More information send an e-mail: vivian.tuscany@gmail.com
Please, don’t forget to send me some your informations and photos. If you have a blog or personal website post your link. Thanks

Questo è solo uno dei molti esempi di come comuni elementi naturali possano diventare vere e proprie opere d’arte in perfetta armonia con la natura. E come diceva A. Einstein “La Creatività è contagiosa. Trasmettila.”

This is just one of several examples of how common natural elements can become true works of art in perfect harmony with the nature. And in the words of A. Einstein “Creativity is contagious. Transmit”

(da rivedere – to be continued…)

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A world ends and another begins. As an artist I try to adapt and be part of it. I live in the Kingdom of Mother Nature immersed in a creative chaos. "Il Pollaio del Re" ® non è solo una Associazione ambientale e culturale. Si occupa dell'aspetto naturalistico scientifico ma anche di quello artistico in tutte le sue forme. La Natura ci offre le più belle espressioni di Arte. Ma la Natura è anche in assoluto la migliore delle scuole di vita nella quale non si finisce mai di imparare.